Saturday, January 1, 2011

Embedded Web Server Concept for Industrial/Home Automation

Greetings for a prosperous and Happy New Year 2011! It has been a busy 2010 and here is to hoping for a more exciting 2011!

We have been busy last year getting some basic infrastructure ready for our Automation related endeavors. Keeping in line with the earlier peeks and posts on automation, here is the next installment of what we have been working on.

This video below shows an Embedded Web Server. It is a small, low power consumption device that serves as a WEB SERVER (you can connect to it from your regular browser) and can be used in Industrial and Home Automation applications. It is a very simple demo, just enough to demonstrate the concept of embedded web server.

Demo of Embedded Web Server at Work:

The Embedded Web Server is implemented on a generic off-the-shelf Embedded Ethernet Development kit, using freely available TCP/IP stack and HTTP server open source software. The software has been adapted for the specific purpose of Home automation in this demo. We also utilizing it for industrial automation applications.

Possible Applications of Embedded Web Server:

1. Industrial Automation: Near real time monitoring of large number of parameters in an industrial environment. Ethernet allows fairly long distances of cabling to be done. A Web Server (embedded) in this scenario can connect to the process/manufacturing equipment and can provide data to a central control/monitoring station at lower costs.

2. Home Automation: For the ultimate geeks, how about controlling and monitoring all the lighting, fans, geysers in your home from a web browser from anywhere? :-)

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