Friday, May 24, 2013

Ideas Manufacturing launches White colored Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS 501 series)

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, has launched a new aesthetically appealing Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS 501 Series - Special Edition). The new sensor has an appealing look and feel and very compact in size. It can handle up to 220 Watts of electrical load, and has been designed with utmost concern to electrical safety and reliability of the product.

Special Edition Miniature Movement Sensor Switch (MS501 Series)

MS501 Special Edition Movement Sensor switches in White color.
To go with the white sensor, we have also launched a special powder-coated white-colored 2-Axis Swivel Clamp as well. This clamp (MSBR501 series) is now available in white powder coated finish to match the ceilings/walls and decor.

White, Powder coated MSBR501 Swivel Clamp to go with the White colored sensors.

More products in the pipeline to be launched. Watch this space.

Ideas Unlimited works with Ace Technologies to develop new ideas in construction (Design to site concept, tools for better construction).

We have developed a concept called 'Design to Site' along with 'Ace Technologies, Bengaluru'. This methodology helps in better planning resulting in quicker construction with far better quality than normal construction methods.

As part of this Design to Site concept, we have also developed certain tools that help in making construction better, faster and quality oriented.

About Masonry

Masonry has been one of the popular construction methods available for the ages. Masonry is simply the art of laying brick or block with mortar in between. Traditionally, it has been exploited for beauty and its integrity in construction. Clay bricks and Stone blocks have been used for thousands of years in the construction of monuments, temples, palaces and many other structures. Masonry has proven its durability even in earthquake situations.

Examples of masonry structures are the Qutb Minar, Meenakshi Temple Gopuram, Gol Gumbaz and many other structures all over the world. The modern avatar of the traditional masonry block has been the Concrete Masonry Block, commonly called as EMU (Engineered Masonry Unit). Blocks can be solid or hollow. Both are load bearing.

The block of choice is the Hollow Engineered Load bearing Block which can be used to build upto six storeys without the need of a framed Column and Beam structure. This modern innovation has changed the way of construction in the Western world and now we have the opportunity to present it to you in India. This is especially useful keeping in mind the present situation where labor is expensive and cost of construction is going up everyday.

Ace Technologies have been promoting the adoption of Block Masonry in construction which has many advantages over conventional construction technologies followed in India. The biggest advantages are:

  • Faster Construction
  • Reduced Manpower requirement due to higher efficiency
  • Less costs compared to conventional methods
  • Professional, Tool driven approach. Blocks yield to cutting/drilling tools, provides a very professional and quality finish.
  • Reduces dependence on Skill. Quality of blocks help in doing better work.
  • Structural Flexibility in planning stage
  • No need for plastering of walls
  • Ability to erect pillars (regular/concealed inside wall) at will
  • Beams are also made using blocks! Reduces overall construction, curing time and provides excellent finish.
  • More earthquake proof by design. 
  • Well planned construction. No need to tear up walls for installing electrical ducting etc.

Plinth beam on top of foundation laid using U-Blocks (Lintel blocks)
Plinth beam after casting.
Construction of walls using masonry blocks
Window Sill area ensured to not have hollow blocks.
Blocks yield very well for cutting/drilling tools! Professional and better finish can be achieved despite not plastering the walls.
Well Planned execution: Electrical Fixtures are installed during laying of course! No need to tear built up wall and plaster t later! Doing things in a more planned way and with less cost.
Concealed Pillars inside walls!
Lintels and beams are built using blocks. Special type of blocks called U-Blocks are used to make lintels and beams!
Lintel setup for casting.
Casting of Lintel!
Running lintel all round the wall ready for casting.

Blocks guaranteed with 'M9' strength, strong to be used as support for beams and centering. Same blocks can also be used even for foundation.
Tools used to apply mortar on top of blocks precisely, without wastage and simultaneously increasing productivity on site.
Precise and Highly consistent Mortar laying between each course of blocks! Reduces wastage of mortar and also increase productivity at the site.

'Design to Site' concept

In this effort, we convert designs into 3D Models and eventually into '3D Block models'. The block model is optimized to block sizes and heights, so it completely eliminates or reduces to a minimum, the block related work on site. 

A typical conventional plan!

Conventional Plan turned into 3D Drawing

Blocks Model: 3D Model optimized for masonry block based construction! Color code helps masons and workers understand the concept better.

Bill of Material generated from the Blocks model of the plan. Color coded blocks ensure masons and workers can understand the concept.

Tools to help improve implementation of new technologies in construction and on site

We have developed some tools along with Ace Technologies, for improving the way things are done in a construction site. We have developed a set of different tools, which greatly improve quality, reduce effort and provide a more consistent, uniform and better bonding between blocks in site. We are working with Ace Technologies on more such technologies to help do construction more professionally and in an easy way.

Key Contacts

Regarding Block masonry and other interesting construction related technologies, to know more about Design to Site concept and tools:

Ace Technologies, Bengaluru
Mr. Ashok Nadkari
Tel: 98450-36436

Regarding tools that help make your construction better, faster and lower cost:
Ideas Unlimited, Mysore
Tel: 0821-2402979

Friday, May 3, 2013

Ideas Unlimited Website updated...

Our website (and blog) update has been long overdue. Ever since we setup a separate manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, in August 2012, we have rejigged Ideas Unlimited to be a completely R&D and New Technology and New Products development company.

 Website URL:

The modus operandi of both the companies now has been  rejigged to realize the original vision we had when we started Ideas Unlimited, Mysore in 2009. The diagram below shows the new operational model between Ideas Unlimited and Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited.

Click Link to visit our "Collaborate with us page on our website.

In the meanwhile, lot of new developments have occurred in both our new companies.... Ideas Manufacturing has improved our existing product lines and added more products to the boquet. Our manufacturing company has also worked on taking to production a driver Electronics for BLDC Fans used in Railway carriages.

Ideas Unlimited, has been focused on new projects, many of which we are yet to publish about either on our blog or website.

Hopefully, now onwards we will be able to provide updates more regularly on our website and/or blog here onwards.

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