Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Doctor who builds drones...

Last week, we had an interesting person visiting our lab. Dr. Sridhar, an MBBS doctor - however alternately a Drone/Unmanned Flying Vehicles enthusiast visited our lab to explore possibility of localizing some of the gizmos used in construction of these flying machines. He is extremely interested in Drones/Flying machines and has spent a lot of time in trying to understand and build them.

Dr. Sridhar has himself integrated and built several Remote controlled flying machines with his hobby.

The one we flew outside our our lab had a pretty cool specification, and was built by Dr. Sridhar himself:
The Video Console to watch video captured by the flying drone.

The Quadcopter Remote Controlled Flying drone built by Dr. Sridhar.
  • Quad Rotor device with Out-runner BLDC motors for each rotor
  • Endurance of up to 20 minutes per charge! 
  • Certainly not a Toy grade device, but a very rugged device.
  • Control system on board to stabilize and fly the quad-copter. 
  • On Board Dual GPS tracking systems
  • On board Video Camera and Transmitter, with on screen display of GPS and other info
  • Video Console (Receiver) 
  • Remote Control for Navigation and Control.
  • Homing functionality - commanding drone to fly back to start point if lost.
  • GPS navigation
He has also built some Fixed wing remote controlled flying machines as well.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that an MBBS doctor building Quad-copter Drones and other remote controlled flying machines. We are exploring possibility of localizing some of the modules on board along with Dr. Sridhar.


Video of Quad Copter flying
Video of Quad Copter Landing


If you are interested in Remote Controlled Flying machines or custom integration of drones etc. you can get in touch with Dr. Sridhar via e-mail:

Dr. Sridhar's e-mail id: dakatru@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: We at Ideas Unlimited are not into building of drones. The above Videos and Pictures are reproduced in our blog with permission from Dr. Sridhar who built them.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Customized Infra-Red Remote Control Xmitter and Reciever...

IR Remote Control and Receiver for control and automation applications developed at Ideas Unlimited.

We had been working on a IR Remote (Infra-red) Control design for sometime now, which can be customized and made to use any IR Remote protocols if required using software (or) use a proprietary remote protocol for use in any of the products we develop.

Inside the IR remote transmitter
The complete assembled IR Remote Control
Button 2 Test - LCD shows code

Button 1 test - LCD shows code.
The remote runs using a 3.3V Lithium Ion battery. It can also be made to run using two AA or AAA cells.  Number of keys on keypad can also be controlled by making suitable changes to hardware and software of the concept.

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