Thursday, May 31, 2012

Ideas Unlimited launches Low Cost, Miniature Movement Sensor Switches

01-Jun-2012:  In these days of high inflation rates and increasing power tariffs saving on wasted energy is no longer a luxury, but is becoming a necessity.  With the introduction of peak hour tariff rates, businesses and industries are increasingly looking for means to save energy usage and save on electricity bills every month.

Ideas Unlimited has been making Energy saving Movement Sensor Switches since April 2010. Today we have just launched mMS series (MS-501, Low Cost and Miniature Movement Sensor Switches) for use in domestic, commercial and industrial applications for saving on energy wastage when nobody is using a certain place or room. These can be used in homes, offices, shopping malls, showrooms and virtually anywhere where we can find that energy can be saved.

MS-501 - Low Cost Miniature Movement Sensor Switch next to a pen.
The unit can be directly connected to 230V AC and integrates seamlessly without requiring any change to your existing electrical wiring.

These switches are very compact in size (80 X 68 X 32 mm), aesthetically appealing and designed for high reliability. The product miniaturization is a result of our learning from earlier products.  We have also taken end user feedback to design these products and other accessories.  The MS-501 Series (or mMS) Miniature Movement Sensor Switch is designed for adaption and use in every place possible and designed to be a low cost product to handle small loads up to 220W. With the usage of contactors, heavy loads can also be driven by the same sensor. 
MSBR-501 2-Axis Swivel Mounting bracket for MS-501 Series Sensors
We also offer an optional accessory ‘MSBR-501: 2-Axis Swivel Mounting bracket for MS-501 Series Movement sensors.  This bracket can be used to mount the sensor on ceiling or wall, and allows fine adjustments of sensing zones even after the installation of sensor.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Power Tarrif Hike? Day Tariff burden? Reduce Energy Wastage using Movement Sensors

With increasing power tariff and inflation, saving power is assuming increasing importance. Considering the demand for energy saving products which SAVE MONEY month on month, we have been constantly developing different models of Movement Sensor Switches.

Movement Sensors (Also sometimes known as Occupancy detectors) provide the highest Return on Investment in terms of amount of energy (and money saved!) in your electricity bills.

The articles below in leading newspapers provide details about the Power Tariff hike in Karnataka effective 01-May-2012.

A new concept of 'Day Tariff' has also been introduced where in using digital meters, based on peak hours charges at higher tariff than compared to lean hours at night.

Financial Express: Karnataka increases power tariff by average 13 paise/unit

Times of India: Industries oppose day tariff hike

This is the key feature of the the Karnataka Energy Regulatory Commission's Time of Day (TOD) metering scheme which has been run on a pilot basis for three years with 50 industries.

"This will give all industrial consumers an option to come to a consensus on shifting their peak loads to night. Most have digitized meters which indicate consumption levels every hour," said MR Sreenivasa Murthy, chairman, KERC.

However, industry bodies feel they're being burdened doubly. "Firstly, the tariff order is untimely ; it is the third time there has been a hike in the past two financial years. The tariff hike for HT2A consumers is Rs 1.10 per KWH, about 27% increase. For LT industrial consumers , it is 90 paise per KWH, about 25% increase. This makes industrial operations unviable," said JR Bangera, president, Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industries (FKCCI).
In a long term view, Energy costs will further go up, as consumption only increases due to increased dependence on all kind of electrical and electronic equipment which are becoming part of our daily lives.

To understand how you can save on Electricity wastage in your organization and to save money month on month, e-mail us with you query at

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