Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Dealers/Retailers for our products in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh Region

We are pleased to announce new dealers/retailers for our products in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh region. Suguna Engineers are primarily into Engineering products and providing technical consultancy for R&D companies. We are glad to work with Suguna on our products for Hyderabad/Andhra Pradesh region.


Suguna Engineers

Contact Person: Mr. Prashanth Arra
Company Website:
Contact e-mail:
Contact Telephone:+91-90002-99981
Registered Office: # 1-1-380/10/A,
Sri Nilayam, Ashok Nagar Ext,
Hyderbad-500 020

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sneak Peek of New Product: Miniature and Low cost Movement Sensor Switch product

About a month and a half ago, an article on our Movement Sensor Switches and their utility for energy saving in today's times appeared in a leading Kannada daily newspaper 'Praja Vani'. The response for that article about our products was very good. In fact, we were overwhelmed by the response to the product and public interest in 'Energy Saving' from the hundreds of telephone calls we received after the Praja vani article on our Movement Sensor product lines.

Until the article in Prajavani and the subsequent phone calls, we did not have insight about the potential of this product with domestic market.

Prototype of the Sub-miniature Movement Sensor Switch next to a commonly available pen for size comparison
The response from the calls were very encouraging about the concept and the product lines, though some of the people wanted a lower priced model for domestic use. Encouraged by the response, we started thinking of developing a product that can be used both for domestic and commercial use with a low cost, (yet high reliability).

We started designing a product concept and specifications suitable for domestic use, yet cost effective to be affordable and should earn back the money invested on the product in a few months from your electricity bill. 

Last few months, we have been working on designing a Miniature and low cost Movement Sensor Switch product for domestic and commercial use. With this product we want to spread the domain of our product use to the 'Aam-Admi' as well.

After several man months of effort,  we finally are proud to put up photos of the first Beta prototype - now undergoing field trials. The product has been designed and manufactured in India, and designed for use in Indian market and to work reliably in our condition. (Including rural areas with erratic power situations)

Beta Prototype of the Miniature and Low Cost Movement Sensor Switch

Product has Shock-proof Screw-less connectors for easy installation

Product has a 2/6 minute selectable Off timer, and many more features

The product design has been exciting with the challenges of making the product as small as possible, yet have all the high reliability (defect free) aspects we have designed in the other high capacity models like (MS 102, MS 201, MS 101, MS 301 series). Miniaturizing and also adding a new feature proved extremely challenging, but in the end, the effort has really been worth it when we saw the final shape of the product emerging.

Making high reliability product in such a small form factor that operates at 230V Mains supply voltage directly was a challenge, and the prototype went through several iterations of revision of design to attain the current state which is now ready for field trials.

Pricing: To be finalized. 
Availability: End of April 2012 or Early May 2012.

We would like to know your feedback on the product. We are also looking for a catchy name for this new sub-miniature product line. Please do e-mail use at: 

to let us know your feedback on the product and also suggestions on pricing, or naming of the product lines as well.

Brief technical specification of the Miniature Movement Sensor Switch product:

Safety Features:

Connectors: Screw Less type, Shock proof connectors
Fuse: Fuse for added electrical safety
Body: Rugged Plastic


Endurance: Designed for 24X7X365 days operation
High Voltage Survival: Designed to withstand at least 300+ volts and works even in erratic power situations
Ultra-High Voltage Protection: Unit has a protection circuit that opens the circuit if very high voltage is experience.

Technical Specifications:(Beta Version):

Dimensions: 80mm X 68mm X 32 mm approx.  
Fuse holder: Intutive easy to use fuse holder
Weight: Light weight (Will publish exact weight later) Load Capacity: (Low compared to all other models we have) 200W - subject to change without prior notice, by the time product is launched.
Sensor coverage area: 20'X20' Maximum for standard ceiling heights.

Usability and Utility features:

Built in flanges for easy mounting
Full isolation between loading and control circuit
Multiple units can be connected in parallel for wide area coverage.
BYPASS feature to completely disable sensor and rolling back to normal if required.

Do e-mail us your feedback at:

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