Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Doctor who builds drones...

Last week, we had an interesting person visiting our lab. Dr. Sridhar, an MBBS doctor - however alternately a Drone/Unmanned Flying Vehicles enthusiast visited our lab to explore possibility of localizing some of the gizmos used in construction of these flying machines. He is extremely interested in Drones/Flying machines and has spent a lot of time in trying to understand and build them.

Dr. Sridhar has himself integrated and built several Remote controlled flying machines with his hobby.

The one we flew outside our our lab had a pretty cool specification, and was built by Dr. Sridhar himself:
The Video Console to watch video captured by the flying drone.

The Quadcopter Remote Controlled Flying drone built by Dr. Sridhar.
  • Quad Rotor device with Out-runner BLDC motors for each rotor
  • Endurance of up to 20 minutes per charge! 
  • Certainly not a Toy grade device, but a very rugged device.
  • Control system on board to stabilize and fly the quad-copter. 
  • On Board Dual GPS tracking systems
  • On board Video Camera and Transmitter, with on screen display of GPS and other info
  • Video Console (Receiver) 
  • Remote Control for Navigation and Control.
  • Homing functionality - commanding drone to fly back to start point if lost.
  • GPS navigation
He has also built some Fixed wing remote controlled flying machines as well.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that an MBBS doctor building Quad-copter Drones and other remote controlled flying machines. We are exploring possibility of localizing some of the modules on board along with Dr. Sridhar.


Video of Quad Copter flying
Video of Quad Copter Landing


If you are interested in Remote Controlled Flying machines or custom integration of drones etc. you can get in touch with Dr. Sridhar via e-mail:

Dr. Sridhar's e-mail id: dakatru@hotmail.com

Disclaimer: We at Ideas Unlimited are not into building of drones. The above Videos and Pictures are reproduced in our blog with permission from Dr. Sridhar who built them.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Customized Infra-Red Remote Control Xmitter and Reciever...

IR Remote Control and Receiver for control and automation applications developed at Ideas Unlimited.

We had been working on a IR Remote (Infra-red) Control design for sometime now, which can be customized and made to use any IR Remote protocols if required using software (or) use a proprietary remote protocol for use in any of the products we develop.

Inside the IR remote transmitter
The complete assembled IR Remote Control
Button 2 Test - LCD shows code

Button 1 test - LCD shows code.
The remote runs using a 3.3V Lithium Ion battery. It can also be made to run using two AA or AAA cells.  Number of keys on keypad can also be controlled by making suitable changes to hardware and software of the concept.

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Ideas Unlimited develops data logging/analysis hardware/software for qualification of Bio-fuels for NIE-CREST, NIE, Mysore

(Dated: From about 2 months ago - June 2014)

Ideas Unlimited develops a Customized Real Time Data Logging and graphical analysis software for NIE-CREST (Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technologies situated at The National Institute of Engineering, Mananthawadi Road, Mysore). NIE-CREST has their own website detailing all their activities at this URL: http://www.niecrest.in/

About the System

The concept belongs to NIE-CREST, who are doing good research on bio-fuels and their qualification and grading. The necessary software and hardware for making such a system was developed by Ideas Unlimited, Mysore. This setup is used to test bio-fuels for oxidation for several tens of hour continuously and then grade the fuel under test.

The system consists of:

  1. A Bio-fuel reactor at NIE-CREST - which contains the Bio-Fuel/Bio-Diesel to be graded in it, maintained at certain pressure at the time of commencement of test. 
  2. A custom built hardware device by Ideas Unlimited, that logs data continuously from two sensors in the Bio-Fuel rector - A Temperature and Pressure Sensor.
  3. Software on PC that does following:
    1. Has a software driven control system that maintains temperature of the Bio-Fuel Reactor at a Set Point. 
    2. Logs data acquired from the hardware in Excel or Text format.
    3. Visually displays in real time the Temperature and Pressure Plots.
    4. Any situation arising of excessive pressure or temperature the system shuts down and looks after safety as well. 
  4. All parameters can be calibrated and controlled in this Hardware and Software System developed by Ideas Unlimited for NIE-CREST.

Pictures and notes

Completed Hardware Box (Right) next to the Top lid of the Bio-fuel reactor.
Inside View of the Hardware developed at Ideas Unlimited
Data Logging by software that interacts with the data acquisition and control hardware
Real Time Graphing in the software - Screen Shot 1:
(Red Line - Temperature, Blue Line Pressure)
Spikes indicate control system kicking in to maintain temperature at Set Point

Real Time Graphing in the software - Screen Shot 2:
(Red Line - Temperature, Blue Line Pressure)
After the first struggle the system has more or less narrowed in on set point to maintain temp.

Real Time Graphing in the software - Screen Shot 3:
(Red Line - Temperature, Blue Line Pressure)
Now stable set point achieved. Temperature control loop maintains set point at regular intervals.

Friday, August 8, 2014

Ideas Manufacturing starts sample lot of 'Heavenly Air' Ionic Air Purifier Systems

Hello! It has been nearly a year since we last posted on our blog or website. Reason, we have been busy with multiple projects, due to which website/blog updates took a lower precedence. Hopefully we will resume regular updates on our blog.

Ideas Manufacturing starts sample lot of 'Heavenly Air' - Ionic Air Purifier Systems.

Last month Jul 2014 sometime, we started making the sample lot of this new product. This is an Ionic Air Purifier system that fits conveniently to the Air vents in homes (register) and has several advantages over conventional Air Purifiers placed

Product Cover - Front
Product Cover - Back
The Product - Heavenly Air, Ionic Air Purifier System
Convenient and easy to use, without the disadvantages of other Air Purifier products.
The Product patent is owned by Techno Pragathi Inc, USA.

For any sales or product related enquiries please contact

Techno Pragathi can be contacted by e-mail at technopragathi@gmail.com.
Heavenly Air Website: www.heavenly-air.us

Product developed from Idea -> Prototype -> Product

Ideas Unlimited and Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited have been working on this product for close to a year from the patented idea stage to making it a product.

This was developed into a product from an idea patented by Dr. Shaam Sundhar P an inventor, into a prototype and then eventually into a product by us over a period of several months.

First Lab Prototype skeleton
Mounted behind a grill
Prototype under test
Another Prototype of different form factor
Another prototype of different form factor

Engineering Design and Product Development

Once the concept is tested satisfactorily, it has to be engineered to have its own plastics and front sheet metal.

Engineering Prototype 1 - First engineered version of the product
Engineering Prototype 2 - Second and near final version of the product
Engineering Prototype 2 - With BRASS FINISH Grill on top! 
The final product... HEAVENLY AIR! 

For any sales or product related enquiries please contact Techno Pragathi Inc, USA,

Techno Pragathi can be contacted by e-mail at technopragathi@gmail.com.
Heavenly Air Website: www.heavenly-air.us

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