Sunday, September 15, 2013

Panel Discussion on "Entrepreneurship" at RiiiT, Mysore

The paper got the topic wrong. It was actually about "Entrepreneurship".

I thoroughly enjoyed interacting with the students of RiiiT, Mysore ( on the topic of "Entrepreneurship".

Extremely pleased to see that lot of youngsters nowadays (compared to my generation where it was almost close to NIL) think about doing something on their own and thinking beyond settling a job abroad.

- Nagendra R Setty

RiiiT ( is one of its kind IT Finishing School - Their USP being that they train Rural Graduates to become professionals by imparting Communication, Organization and Management skills. Many of the graduates from RiiiT get placed in many reputed software firms. In this process they are doing a very good social change. We at Ideas Unlimited, Mysore support RiiiT in their endeavor!

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