Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Sneak Peek: Movement Sensor to control Air Conditioners in office cabins...

Taking further our product lines, we are hereby showing a sneak peek on the MS301 series Movement Sensor Switch (External Fit type) which can switch loads upto 2.2 kW. The prototypes shown in these pictures are undergoing field trials now and will be produced shortly. These switches can be used with most commercial Air conditioners (Split or otherwise) whose load does not exceed 2.2 kilo Watts.

The MS301 2.2kW Movement Sensor Switch prototype

Our earlier series of Movement Sensor Switches were designed for controlling for lower loads like lighting, fans etc.

MS101 Series - External fit type, upto 1000W

MS102 Series - Concealed fit type, upto 600W

Here we try to answer some commonly asked questions about the MS301 series.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question1: Can I use it to control the air conditioner in my bedroom?

Answer: No, it is not designed for use in bedrooms... where avenues of energy savings are very low. It is instead designed to be used in office cabins with individual split air conditioners where energy savings potential is huge.

Question 2: What is the potential energy savings from using this in an office?

Answer: Consider a 2 kilo-watts rating air conditioner. Switching it off for an hour per day (when not in use) can save a potential of 2 units per day.... (This being a minimal 1 hour per day savings). This can save monthly approximately 60 units of power (Rs. 500 at commercial tarriff at the minimum) per month! In offices where there is potential of 2-4 hours savings on AC usage, per day and so the return on investment per month is very high between (Rs. 1000-2000 per month).

Question 3: Can it be used to switch any kind of load that is under 2.2 kW?

Answer: Yes! Though we cannot think of any energy saving in appliance other than Air conditioner for such a high load. Alternately it can be used to control lots of lightings in a public building etc (Say high wattage halogen lamps etc) as long as total load does not exceed 2.2kW.

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