Saturday, December 29, 2012

Ideas Unlimited develops Hi-Precision Optical Systems for Wusten Purple LLC

Last few months have been busy time at Ideas Unlimited with multiple on-going projects coming near to closure. As usual, when projects get critical, update of blog/website take a backseat :-)  So, finally we are pleased to post yet another update of a new concept/technology turn into a useful product at our labs. This will be followed by a revamp of our website at

For Wusten Purple ( , we have developed an instrument (rather invented from an idea at Wusten Purple, idea was turned into reality at our lab)  from an idea stage to final product stage completely at Ideas Unlimited Lab. The project involved several man months of effort to make the final instrument.

At Ideas Unlimited, we take an idea right from the idea stage to working product stage.
Idea → Concept → Proof of Concept → Working Product! 

Due to the nature of our product developed, we will not be explaining about the concept or the instrument in detail on our blog, however we would like to showcase low-res pictures of the the instrument we have developed.

Instrument Ready!

One of the views of the instrument developed by us. Angular vernier scales are used for hi-precision

Another scale to measure angles
High precision components fabricated
Laser points on a screen used for calibration and testing.
Lasers on board the instrument help in precise calibration, test and validation
Another view of the assembled fixture
Screen-shot of the software associated with the instrument.This software helps in accurate computation of parameters for the instrument.

Wusten Purple (, our customer, is in the business of precision dental instrumentation.


This project was jointly developed by Ideas Unlimited ( and Designus, Mysore.

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