Friday, May 3, 2013

Ideas Unlimited Website updated...

Our website (and blog) update has been long overdue. Ever since we setup a separate manufacturing company Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, in August 2012, we have rejigged Ideas Unlimited to be a completely R&D and New Technology and New Products development company.

 Website URL:

The modus operandi of both the companies now has been  rejigged to realize the original vision we had when we started Ideas Unlimited, Mysore in 2009. The diagram below shows the new operational model between Ideas Unlimited and Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited.

Click Link to visit our "Collaborate with us page on our website.

In the meanwhile, lot of new developments have occurred in both our new companies.... Ideas Manufacturing has improved our existing product lines and added more products to the boquet. Our manufacturing company has also worked on taking to production a driver Electronics for BLDC Fans used in Railway carriages.

Ideas Unlimited, has been focused on new projects, many of which we are yet to publish about either on our blog or website.

Hopefully, now onwards we will be able to provide updates more regularly on our website and/or blog here onwards.

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