Monday, October 27, 2014

Customized Infra-Red Remote Control Xmitter and Reciever...

IR Remote Control and Receiver for control and automation applications developed at Ideas Unlimited.

We had been working on a IR Remote (Infra-red) Control design for sometime now, which can be customized and made to use any IR Remote protocols if required using software (or) use a proprietary remote protocol for use in any of the products we develop.

Inside the IR remote transmitter
The complete assembled IR Remote Control
Button 2 Test - LCD shows code

Button 1 test - LCD shows code.
The remote runs using a 3.3V Lithium Ion battery. It can also be made to run using two AA or AAA cells.  Number of keys on keypad can also be controlled by making suitable changes to hardware and software of the concept.

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  1. This is really great Nagendra :-). Hardware customization to suit different needs is really a fantastic out of the box idea... Helps to expand the market further!!!


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