Sunday, April 15, 2018

Blue tooth enabled Full Color Persistence of Vision (POV) Device developed for RevEngg, a Startup in Mysuru

We were approached by a group of students in sixth semester BE a while ago, who had founded their own startup company REVENGG (External Link to help build a product called "Blue Tooth enabled Multi-colored Persistence of Vision Device".

The product uses persistence of vision to display text/graphics in full color using just 20 RGB illuminators on a rotating arm! Best part, you can use a mobile app to beam messages to be displayed using Blue tooth to it!

The products displays a surreal text as if it is floating in mid-air!

See the video demo of the Blue tooth enabled RGB colored Persistence of Vision device:

The product finds application in advertising, marketing and other display and signage related applications.

For any inquiries related to this product/technologies you can e-mail any of the e-mail ids below:

For full details of the product, visit link on our website:

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