Thursday, December 2, 2010

GLONASS Navigation modules from Geostar Navigation Design Bureau

(Technical information republished with permission from the company that makes these modules.)

Following up on from the earlier post on different navigation systems,this post talks specifically about commercially available and off-the-shelf GLONASS based modules that are just becoming available in the market.  'Geo-Star Navigation Design Bureau' has a host of GLONASS/GPS Hybrid modules. Instead of competing with GPS system, these modules use both GLONASS and GSM signals and the module vendors claim to achieve accuracies of under '3 meters'! 

As mentioned in the earlier post about different navigation systems around the world, the GLONASS system was designed to be compatible with GPS, Galileo and Compass Navigation systems, so a GLONASS module can get the best from every navigation system available.

A wide variety of modules for different applications and casing options including a SMD module GeOS-1M that is 33 X 35mm. Geo-Star also provides Demo-Kits for developers who want to adapt/try out the modules.

Ideas Unlimited is in the process of evaluating GLONASS modules for a specific area of Navigation application which could use high accuracy.

If you require any further technical information about the modules, do get in touch with Geo-Star Navigation by e-mail. If you require any kind of evaluation or development/development support on these modules, you can contact Ideas Unlimited by e-mail.

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