Saturday, December 11, 2010

Robot designed by SJCE students with lab support from Ideas Unlimited...

This robot along with another matrix navigating robot was designed by students from the Mechanical and Instrumentation Departments of SJCE, Mysore (Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore) for a robotic contest at IIT Mumbai. The students developed two robots as part of this contest. Ideas Unlimited allowed these students to use the lab facilities at our premises for their activities.

Gripper Construction:
One the key elements on this robot was the construction of gripper. The gripper was constructed using ordinarily available aluminum channels and hand tools for cutting/drilling them. the gripper claw was put together using blind rivets. (Ingenious technique using available off-the-shelf material). The gripping portion of these parts were lined with rubber to ensure adequate grip is available on any material the claws may hold.

Disclaimer: Ideas Unlimited was not involved technically in making of these robots. At that point of time when these robots were built by the students of SJCE, Mysore, due to legal obligations Ideas Unlimited consciously avoided getting involved in any aspect of this robot development. Funding for the project was done by Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, Mysore.

However Ideas Unlimited due to its association with Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering, provided the lab area and lab test and measurement equipment, mechanical tools, and equipment  for doing the necessary mechanical, electronic fabrication and software programming devices to these students.

The team:
The design of this remote driven robot is owned by the following students of SJCE, Mysore:

Vinod T S

Chaitra R

Preetham T S

Chaitra V

Sreenivas R

In one of the future posts, we will post about the matrix navigating robot made by the same students using line-follower technique.


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    Deccan herald carried out a small article on these students and their robots a while ago.


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