Saturday, January 28, 2012

Relevance of Energy Saving in present times

We are planning to write a comprehensive White-Paper on Energy Saving using non-conventional methods like the usage of Movement Sensor Switches. In this regard we are inviting feedback from consumers, users and in general anyone who has an interest in energy saving.

We invite you to leave a comment on our blog or feel free to get in touch with our contact mail

We have a few points to say about Energy Consumption (directly related to your carbon footprint) and ways to reduce it. Some of the points are discussed in this blog post. The White paper will provide much more details.

Energy Conservation - A better alternative to production?
Traditionally the way of reducing energy dependence has been to generate energy using non-conventional means like Solar Power, Solar water heating, Alternate Fuels, etc. However, except for a few clean technologies which have high initial costs and low rate of ROI, some of the energy generation technologies add to the carbon footprints. Alternate fuels, though reducing dependence on Petroleum, do generate carbon in the process of converting fuel into energy. Then there is also a recurring cost on such fuels as well.

So what is the other way of looking at it? Conserving Wasted Energy is a big and clean way to reduce carbon foot-prints due to reduced consumption, rather than completely depending on more energy generation all the time.

What will be the typical ROI (Return on Investment) ?
As a first step towards this effort, we have created a Simple and Easy to Use ROI (Return on Investment) Calculator.

You can download the ROI calculator from our website by clicking on the link below:

The ROI sheet provides up to 10 rows for providing data of your wasted energy in places where lights are forced to be left on for long duration (24 hours, through the night- 12 hours, 8 hours etc) along with the number of such lights and its power consumption in Watts and also the duration for which it is left on in a day.

The sheet also provides a field to input your current electricity tariff which you can type in.

As you feed the data, the sheet computes your energy wastage footprint and automatically provides you with the potential savings you can do by simply reducing wasted power! Here our Movement Sensor Switch products can help!

Relevance of Energy Saving in Present times:
In this era of global economic uncertainty and high inflation rates, Energy Saving and Conservation is becoming more and more relevant. A recent Times of India news article predicts based on recent developments that energy costs may go up by up to 35% across the country very soon!

Times of India: Jan 25, 2012: Get ready to pay more for power
The summary of the article published in TOI on 25-Jan-2012 is that due to the new costing structure for Coal across India, Cost of electricity production is expected to increase upto 35% across the nation. 

(Note: You can change the unit cost of electricity in the ROI Calculator sheet to new cost of electricity as well and see how much potential savings the Movement Sensor Switches can get in the near future too)

Saving on wasted energy is something that is yet to catch on as a concept in India. In many western countries, several government level programs started decades ago have started to yield dividends today across the country.

As an afterthought, we want to leave you with this simple case study:
about more than a decade ago, the US government started an 'Energy Star' (Website link) program which specifically targeted energy wasted by computer monitors when left idle through the night or when nobody is using the computers. From this initiative was born the concept of monitors going to sleep when left idle for a long time and saving on a lot of energy! Today this simple but innovative features helps save several megawatts of power around the world and it is a de-facto feature in almost all computer monitors produced today. 

We welcome feedback on this post of ours. Feel free to post a reply message on this blog or get in touch with us at our e-mail id: 


  1. Wonderful Initiative Nagendra towards saving Carbon footprint and great forum to start sharing the ideas. Will ask more and more people to visit this forum and start contributing...

    All the very best in this endeavor.

    Regards, Bhagavan.

  2. Thank you Bhagvan for your comments and supporting this initiative!

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