Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Product display rack that illuminates itself as customers pass by it!

In this novel concept, we have combined a Movement Sensor Switch from Ideas Unlimited to control an LED Lights Illuminated Product display rack from Meraaki Design, Mysore. We are looking to make use of the Movement Sensor Switch in applications beyond energy saving, for various other useful utility and smart applications.

Display rack illuminates itself on sensing people!
The product showcase has concealed LED lighting in each rack to illuminate the products/books kept in each rack.

Video of the illuminated display rack that senses people nearby and illuminates itself.

The demo video  shows how the rack on detecting a customer passing by it, automatically illuminates itself!

In the above video:

LED Illuminated Display Rack designed by:
Contact:  Karthik Mani
Tel: 98800-19312

The Movement Sensor Switches used in this video are from  Ideas Unlimited, Mysore.
Contact e-mail:

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  1. I think display racks are good for displaying your product. display racks are available in number of unique designs and display you shared is very interesting.
    display stands


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