Saturday, June 16, 2012

Engineering Software: Diamond Die Inspection software developed at Ideas Unlimited

(Developed earlier in Dec 2011)

This is a slightly dated project, but we are posting about only now on our blog. This software was developed around Dec 2011. This software was developed by us exclusively for a 'Diamond Die' industry in Mysore.The software is used in the Diamond Die making industry to inspect tiny diamonds made from industrial diamonds.

Screenshot of the Diamond Die Inspection and Measurement software developed by Ideas Unlimited exclusively for a diamond die industry in Mysore.

Config screen - Calibration etc.

What is a Diamond Die and what does the software do?

The process of making metal wires is called 'Wire drawing'. Thick metal wire is forced through a die smaller in size resulting in a thinner wire. The process gets repeated using smaller dies each time until the right diameter of the wire is achieved. The key ingredient of making these wire-drawing dies is an industrial diamond. The process involves boring through a very small industrial diamond (few microns thick) in precise dimension through a very difficult time consuming process which the Diamond Die industries do.

Due to the complexity of the process (diamond is the hardest material) the profile cut in a diamond has to be inspected for precision and quality. Such diamond is digitally photographed in an illuminated industrial microscope using a large scale factor. The image gets loaded into our software and its various parameters of the diamond die are assessed using this software developed by us. The software allows visual marking and measurement of angles (in degrees) and lengths (in microns) by clicking on the image.

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