Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ideas Unlimited hives off Production, Commercialization of products/technologies developed into a new company: "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited"

We are very pleased to announce that we have hived off Production, Sales and Service activities to a new firm incorporated on 07-Jun-2012 under Companies Act, 1955 called "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited".

Ideas Unlimited has been in existence for about roughly two years now and we are now in a stage to hive off production, sales and commercialization activities to a new firm and focusing on R&D, Technology and Intellectual Property Development completely. 

Ideas Unlimited will remain an R&D focus, Product development company, which keeps working on new products, concepts and technologies and technologies ready for production and to be commercialized will be given off to the new firm "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited".

We are racing to get the new "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited" firm operational before July 2012.

The products designed by Ideas Unlimited, made by Ideas Manufacturing Private Limited, will continue to use "Ideas Unlimited" brand. The new company may also take up product development and full life-cycle management for other companies as well as a separate business activity.

Illustration: Operational Business Model between newly incorporated  company "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited" and "Ideas Unlimited".  (Click on image to view larger image)

This new move is in line with our original vision when we started Ideas Unlimited in December 2009, to keep Ideas Unlimited focused on Research and Development of new technologies, and new product development and a separate firm to take up Production and Commercialization of the technologies/products developed.

Ideas Unlimited will also be expanding its focus on taking up R&D, Product Development for external research labs, companies and entities in the near future. Ideas Unlimited will also continue to do in-house home/industrial automation products we are already in the process of making and move the production and commercialization aspects of the product to Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited.

Watch out for more announcements on the new company "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited" in the coming days.

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  1. Congratulations and all the best wishes for the new company. Also i like the illustration, kind of proves, a picture is worth a thousand words :)
    - Deepak C S


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