Saturday, June 15, 2013

Ideas Manufacturing launches Hawkeye-Mini sensors for security applications

Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, launches Hawkeye Mini series of Security devices which detect Human or animal movement/activity and can raise an alarm or switch on a light to deter the intruders. This device is mainly targeted for use in home and domestic scenarios.

Hawkeye Mini Security System

For deterring intruders in your portico/compound and alerting

The device is very compact and can be mounted in a corner under the portico or similar place inside a typical house compound. The MSBR501 clamp can be used to adjust the sensing zone and no-sense zones as may be required.

Some Frequently asked questions  about the product are below:

FAQ#1: What is Hawkeye Mini?
Answer: Hawkeye Mini is a revamped product of our earlier Hawkeye product lines, which can be used for human or animal activity detection for various applications, primarily for security and deterrence.

FAQ#2: Where can Hawkeye Mini be used? 

Answer: Hawkeye Mini is targeted for use in domestic scenarios where it can do a variety of monitoring/security applications. Some example applications:

Home and Compound Security:
  1. Compound Security: At the back of your house or compound to detect and deter unwanted intruders.
  2. Protect your car under the porch: Under the porch where your car is parked to alert you of any activity near your car.
  3. Open Terraces: Security to detect intruders and alert, as well as to deter intruders.
  4. Lone houses: to detect unauthorized entry into compound any time.
  5. When away from home: For your home security when you are away from your home and to alert neighbors.
  6. Inside your garage: For alerting you on  intruders at night.
Utility applications:
  1. Automatic-Doorbell: Make your doorbell ring automatically when someone enters your compound.
  2. Store front/Reception areas: To ring a bell when a person enters
FAQ#3: How does it work? 

Answer: The Hawkeye Mini sensor keeps a watch for movement of Living things. If it detects any living being, it can trigger a light or a doorbell or an alarm. 

FAQ#4: How to install it?

Answer: A printed detailed instruction manual is available along with the product. You can also visit our website to download a detailed brochure of the product.
(Link to PDF Brochure)

FAQ#5: Can I connect my existing doorbell to Hawkeye Mini?

Answer: Yes. In most cases.

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