Friday, June 14, 2013

Ideas Unlimited developing ERP software for managing lean and small manufacturing setups.

Background to this adventure

The future of manufacturing many claim are the lean operations along with a solid supply chain and MOST IMPORTANTLY high quality outsourcing of work.

At Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited, (Our manufacturing company) we have a vision of manufacturing varied and diverse products, as well as Medium and Low Volume products with High product complexity in the long run. We do not intend to be a contract manufacturer and compete with the bigger players whose business is to do large scale manufacturing. Our intention is to carve a nice for ourselves, doing High Complexity and low to medium volume products which require high level of technological competency and for the immediate future will be fed with products or ideas developed at our R&D lab "Ideas Unlimited".

To start with, last year, we embarked on our own manufacturing setup which has specific focus on IP protection and Quality to be done in-house, while other activities are to be outsourced to our strong vendor and contract manufacturing partners. The criticality of IP protection and Quality maintained in-house has attracted customers who are highly IP and quality conscious who develop products with us which get taken to production eventually by us.

It is also in line with our view that Manufacturing of niche products is the future sunrise and highly profitable Industry for India as the economy rises. 

The ERP Software

In light of this vision for our manufacturing company, we started developing an ERP software several months ago. In fact it started off as a student apprentice project a few months before we prepared to start our manufacturing company "Ideas Manufacturing Mysore Private Limited". The Version 0.1 of the software developed by the apprentice in our lab came out very well and sort of pushed us to develop it further for our own interest as well as

You may also wonder why on earth we are developing our own ERP when there are dozen software packages available in the market? This ERP software is specifically designed for an operation like ours which is lean and depends on contract and outsourced manufacturing with dozens of vendors and contractors.

The Main screen

Bill of Material definition/review screen
Today the software has evolved and the current version is 0.4. By the time we release Version 2.0, we feel the software will be mature enough to be used in other organizations like ours with lean operation and with focus on IP protection and quality.

You can read more details of this ERP software we are developing on our website by following this link:


The project's initial version was developed by an apprentice Nikhil R at our lab as part of his apprenticeship and now it continues to evolve.

Nikhil Setty R worked on the initial version of this software. He can be contacted at

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