Monday, May 7, 2018

Functional Miniature simulator developed at Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru

We have developed a miniature table top simulator for an MNC customer of ours. Nature of this project cannot be fully disclosed due to agreements with customer.

The simulator contained 4 cities, a highway and the works (including street lights, petrol bunk, water tank etc.) Street lights, lights within buildings switched on!
However we can showcase many of the miniature barely 1 inch tall models we developed as part of this miniature simulation system.

Everything can be digitally controlled using hardware below the simulator! It also had two digital displays disguised as bill boards to show state of the simulator and its components etc. 

Picture of the simulator partially constructed and its electrical systems and wiring getting tested

The electronics that control the entire simulator, designed and developed by Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru
Simulator fabrication near complete. Ready to be painted/final finished.

For more pictures, videos and details of this simulator, visit our website link...


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