Saturday, August 18, 2018

Ideas Unlimited develops Food Storage Silos for High Altitudes and extreme weather conditions!

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Date: 28-Jun-2018

Ideas Unlimited, Mysuru along with associates developed, fabricated and deployed this Self-sustaining Modular Food Storage Silo for High Altitudes at Nubra Valley in Ladakh. Entire product was designed, developed and made in "namma Mysuru".

Product Deployed at Site, in high altitude!

This project was developed under the aegis of CSASDA and DFRL Mysuru as part of Young Scientist initiative. It was deployed for the Army.

Salient Features:
  1. Unique of its kind high quality insulated, modular expandable silo units - that contain temperature and humidity inside for a large extent.
  2. Designed to keep food usable when ambient temperatures outside are in the range or -30 to -40 degrees Celsius!
  3. Modular Units that can be expanded to bigger size if required. This unit had three modular pieces, put together as a single unit! Portable as well and can be moved from one place to another.
  4. Walk into type chamber, with shelves and walking corridor inside.Solar power harvested into power banks inside each modular units for maintaining appropriate temperatures inside Silo at tolerable levels for vegetables, Fruits, eggs and juices. System controls all the parameters required inside the unit, including switching on and off lights only when personnel are present inside.
  5. Intuitive control system that manages energy harvesting and energy consumption carefully so as to not waste energy and conserve energy. Also has built in error detection and diagnostics and host of sensors to measure and track various parameters.
  6. Each unit can store a tonne of dry rations or similar capacity to store fresh produce.

Boot screen of the control unit.

Control System at work

Fresh Vegetables stored inside for safe keeping
It was deployed in Ladakh Region for the end users in July.

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